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Velocetec joins the Reshoring UK initiative

Velocetec are proud to be a UK Manufacturer and pleased to have recently enrolled as a member of the Reshoring UK initiative. We believe reshoring as much manufacturing to the UK as possible is essential not only to the future of the sector, but to our general economy in Britain – the birthplace of Industry.
Reshoring is not a new topic of conversation. Recent events, though, have highlighted the strength of an unarguably underutilised network of domestic Manufacturers and the drive to bring manufacturing home is gaining serious traction. While offshoring was (and can still be) undoubtedly appealing, experience has taught many UK business’ that the upfront cost savings are often reduced when the whole picture is analysed.

The likely upsides to utilising the right UK based Manufacturer on your next programme or project could include quicker delivery, more responsive communication, higher quality product, better pre- and post-sales support, more efficient and rapid development cycles, reliability & dependability and more. And after considering all the possible benefits, you may even be surprised by how small the difference in up-front investment can actually be.
Velocetec have recently supported several customers with their reshoring efforts, successfully bringing the manufacture of some of their Injection Mould tools back to the UK. And with an extensive supplier network also UK based, many local, you’d be amazed at the speed at which we can react.
Whether you are considering reshoring a project (existing or new), or are already working extensively with UK suppliers, get in touch to see how we can help you succeed.

Reshoring UK is a unique collaboration of leading industrial engineering associations to assist manufacturers connect with trusted, accredited suppliers capable of delivering products and services that match their requirements.