Manufacturing Services

An all-expert team with 70+ yrs experience under one roof gears us to deliver exceptional service with unrivalled speed and accuracy.


We specialise in CNC machining services using a range of high-grade aluminium and steel material options to deliver fully-bespoke parts that are made to measure. Our 3 and 5 axis machines, programmed and run by our expert team, will produce the perfect part for your project.

Photo of CNC machining
Photo of a part being mirror polished


We apply the perfect finishing touch with our range of polishing and part assembly services. Whether it is for mould tooling, jigs and fixtures or custom designs, we have the team and equipment to deliver the winning result.


Accuracy guaranteed. We complete a full inspection report for every order using our state-of-the-art 7-axis CMM arm, ensuring your end product is a pinpoint match to the spec.

Photo of a CMM 7-axis arm being used to carry out a full inspection


Every quotation is reviewed by an expert with years of first-hand experience.