About Velocetec

The go-to team for relentless drive and unparalleled precision

The making of Velocetec

We earned our 70+ years of combined manufacturing expertise while delivering precision-made products for a number of the world’s most prestigious brands. The experience we gained from working with blue-chip clients on a day-to-day basis was invaluable, but we felt that there was more we could bring to the table to give customers an even better result.

Our relentless drive for perfection and carrying out every step of the process the right way brought the three of us together to create something new.

Photo of the Rob Carter, Ashley Budd and Ben Yule from Velocetec
Photo of the Velocetec branded Ford Transit Custom Sport

Our Vision

To combine our experience, expertise and customer-centric focus to create a company that customers can trust to deliver the perfect result – and to do it all from one state-of-the-art facility.

We gave it a name: Velocetec – and we have lived this vision since the day we opened for business. Day in, day out.

Agile manufacturing solutions the way it should be

Tight deadlines, high-pressure environment, must-win at all costs? This is where we thrive.

Customers know that we’re in a project together when they work with us. We don’t have salespeople in our team. You will always be served by an expert with years of first-hand experience. This high level of customer service is guaranteed throughout your project and it’s why we continue to succeed.

Velocetec received its ISO 9001:2015 certification on its first attempt, proving our team delivers outstanding quality. We’ve delivered thousands of fully-bespoke products in rapid turnarounds for world-renowned motorsport teams, prestigious automotive companies, and other specialist builds for renowned names across the globe.

With our expertise and our level of customer care, anything is possible: win the race, build better products or fix a problem that’s holding you back. Whatever the goal, we’re here to help you succeed.

Photo of Velocetec logo device machined and polished

Photo of Ashley Budd

Ashley Budd

Photo of Ben Yule, Velocetec

Ben Yule

Photo of Rob Carter, Velocetec

Rob Carter


Every quotation is reviewed by an expert with years of first-hand experience.