Velocetec Acquires ISO 9001:2015 Certification

We are delighted to announce that Velocetec has acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification on its first attempt. This is an amazing achievement that our team is incredibly proud of.

“9001:2015” is the international standard for quality management created by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It takes multiple factors into account to assess the quality management of a company/organization so that they can focus on meeting customer demand and exceeding expectations.

A visit from a certification body auditor looks at the procedures, and to check they’re being followed, for:

  • Control of documents and records
  • Control of non-conforming product
  • Corrective & preventive actions
  • Internal audits.

An auditor recently visited Velocetec HQ and they didn’t identify one single opportunity for improvement. This delighted our team, proving that we truly live our claim of relentless drive and unparalleled precision.

“Velocetec being Certified ISO 9001:2015 is a reassurance to the outside world that we’re doing everything to ensure our output is of the highest quality” – Ashley Budd, Director

Velocetec was built to deliver what customers need to win. We’ve been doing things the right way since we opened our doors, never cutting a corner, to consistently deliver the perfect result for our customers.

We’re thrilled to acquire ISO 9001:2015 certification but it doesn’t change anything…

We will stay relentless in delivering what our customers need to succeed. From technology, customer care, and innovation – we will keep pushing to stay as the ultimate customer-centric company for agile manufacturing solutions.


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